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SPMI or Internal Quality Assurance System

Higher Education Quality assurance is a systemic activity to improve the quality of higher education in a planned and sustainable manner. Quality Assurance on higher education is carried out through establishment, implementation, evaluation, control, and improve of higher education standard (SPT).

Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) is implemented by ITS to guarantee the fulfillment of DIKTI National Standard in a systemically and sustainably so that grow and improve of quality culture in each of ITS Study Programs.

According to UU No. 12 Tahun 2012 Pasal 54, and explained in DIKTI National Standard, PERMENDIKBUD No 3 Tahun 2020, National Standard of Higher Education includes:

  1. National Standard of Education
  2. National Standard of Research
  3. National Standard of Community Service

ITS Quality Assurance System of Higher Education is implemented and documentation corresponding with Prosedur of College Quality Assurance (SPM-PT). Hopefully, ITS could reach vision and mission which has been be appointed on ITS Statute as outline on government regulation (PP) No. 54 Tahun 2015, and ITS strategic plans on 2015-2020.

Guide Book and Supporting Document

Document :
1. Panduan SPMI Sarjana & Sarjana Terapan tahun 2021
2. Panduan SPMI Magister dan Magister Terapan tahun 2021
3. Panduan SPMI Doktor tahun 2021
4. Panduan Praktis AMI Level Department
5. Panduan AMI untuk Auditor
6. Manual User Prodi tahun 2021
7. Manual User Auditor tahun 2021